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- Relaxing:

The new frontier of functional training equipment in this program you will improve neuromotor, response, improve coordination and balance as well, increase muscle activation and strengthen joints.

- Zumba:

A fitness progrm that combines latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorprate interval training- alternating fast and slow rythems in addition resistancs training which helps fat burn in a fun way.

- Aerobics:

A form of physical exercise that combines rythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all fitness elements ( flexability , cardio- vascularfitness and muscle strength)

- Les mills body pump:

Body pump is the original barbell class from LES MILLS that shapes , tones and sterngthens your intire body .. The key to body pump is the THE REP EFFECT . In other words focusing on high repetition  movements with low weight loads.. This will help you achieve strngth and introduce lean body muscle conditioning , in addition fat burning.

- Les mills body combat:

A program from LES MILLS , empowering cardio workout where your totally unleashed and increase fat burn. This energetic program is inspired by martial arts such as karate, boxing, taekwondo,taichi and muay thai.

- Les mills body attack:

From the LES MILLS company this program is a sports-inspired cardio workout program for building strength and stamina. This high energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movemen ts with strength and stabilization exercises.this program works mainly on body burning.

- Les mills tone:

From the LES MILLS COMPANY this  fitness class integrates aerobic exersice for heart fitness, resistant training for strength and stability as well as stretching and mobility work .

- Les mills RPM:

a LES MILLS indoor group spinning class where you ride the rythem of powerful music. Your coach will lead you to cycle through hills flats , mountain peaks, time trials and interval training.

- Les mills body balance:

a yoga based class from LES MILLS that improves mind and body , it’s a stretch and strength class inspired by yoga pilates an ti chi.

- Yoga:

a full body relaxation and balance is the goal of this class by working on your posture ,balance ,and range of motion, through back bends , twists, forward folds and hip openers and other moves

- Pilates:

a form of low impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexability, pilates moves target the core mainly and other muscles as well

- LBT:

a full lower body workout which  integrates legs bums and tumms strength and shaping 

- Spinning:

a great way to get a vigorous workout on our indoor bikes without the impact of running or jumping, youll burn calories and keep your muscles in shape while building your cardio vascular endurance and strength.

- Virtual ride spinning:

an exclusive cycling class to experience an un forgettable indoor ride while you will sit infront a large screen and put into a cycling-bsed workout using different terrains.

- Step aerobics:

classic cardio workout, using the step and performing aerobic routines , works on both burning and shaping.

- HIIT Training:

a high intensity interval training, a total body , heart pumping workout you will be experiencing both strength conditioning and cardio routines, designed to tone your body , improve your endurance.

- Cross Fit:

a group of warm up followed by skill or strength training , this form of class targets muscles conditioning and endurance with shaping your body.

- Stretch & Tone:

from the name you will beworking on stretching your body and toning thoes muscles as well

- Animal Flow:

a body weight movement on floor based class that will challenge your strength in a fun way and creat fluid movements inspired by animal style movements throughout tha class

- Piloxing:

a combination of pilates and boxing program to strengthen and burn at once

- Strong by Zumba:

combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyomiteric training synced to oreiginal music that has been specifically designed to match every move , this program from ZUMBA will work your entire body

- Belly Dance:

a fun way to burn dancing on middle eastern beats 

- Box X Master:

a high intensity class where you will punch, kick ,and perform plyomitrics challenging your futness level and boosting your stamina with burning thoes calories.

- Aqua Aerobics:

a low impact yet high intensity water aerobic class where no swimming skills are needed. This class is designed to improve flexibility, range of motion,strength,muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance while using the resistance on the water.

- Aqua Zumba:

from the ZUMBA company this program blends dancing with water resistance, one pool party you souldents miss.

- TRX:

a suspention training that uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance,flexaibility and core stability. It requires the use of TRX suspention trainer, using a tool that leverages gravity and the users body weight to complete the exercise.

- HBX:

standing for human body exercise its an IMPACT CROSS TRAINING aiming to increase your strength and stamina with particular form of exercises.

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